August 25, 2015

ASTRAY Releases In Paperback Today!!

Today's the day. ASTRAY, the sequel and conclusion to GATED is out in paperback. Time to get my dance on.

Okay, so no dancing because this is actually what it would look like. But I am over the moon that now both books are out in soft cover. If you haven't read either, now's the perfect time. Go here to find out more.

Also, I am guest blogging a few places today.

On Janice Hardy's blog I'm talking about Sleeping With the Enemy--you'll have to read it to figure out if I'm confessing something or giving out advice!

I am also over on my agent Lucienne Diver's blog talking about The Ultimate Author High.

And yes, I do realize how dirty my blog titles sound, but trust me, they are relevant, I swear...and very PG!

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