September 22, 2014

Upcoming Events: Bookmarkit and Tampa Necronomicon

For the last few weeks I've been holed up drafting my next novel hard core, but I'll be taking a few brief breaks to come out of my writer cave. So if you happen to be at one of the events listed below and you notice that I'm talking waaaaay too fast and acting like a kid after they've downed five giant pixie sticks know that it's because I have barely left my house for a looooong time! Here's where I'll be:


September 29, 2014, 7-9pm

Come see me, Christina Farley, Christina Benjamin, and Jaimie M. Engle talk about our books. There will be giveaways, books, and lots of fun. Register for this event here.

Tampa Necronomicon:

October 3-5, Various times

I'll be attending the con and participating on several panels over my birthday weekend! Can't think of a more fun way to celebrate. Take a look at the full panel schedule here. You get bonus points if you spot me between panels when I will furiously be drafting this book, trying to meet my deadline. 

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