March 7, 2013

Writer's Retreat, Eeeek!

In exactly three days, gulp, I will be heading to Texas for a writer's retreat with twenty-one other amazing authors!!! I can't even believe it!! Out of all the great things that have happened since this time last year, this is probably one of the biggest for me. It's a chance to hang out with some of my closest online writer friends and to meet some authors that I've been a fan girl of ever since I started writing. To give you an idea of why it's so awesome, here's the list of people who're going.

Brandy Allard, @BrandyAllard
Anna Carey, @AnnaCareyBooks
Rae Carson, @raecarson
Corinne Duyvis, @corinneduyvis
Sonia Gensler, @soniagensler
Tessa Gratton, @tessagratton
Bethany Hagen, @Bethany_Hagen
Tara Hudson, @thudsonwrites
Emily Kate Johnston, @ek_johnston
Michelle Krys, @michellekrys
Gretchen McNeil, @GretchenMcNeil
Myra McEntire, @MyraMcEntire
Amy Parker, @amychristinepar
Natalie C Parker, @nataliecparker
Amy Plum, @AmyPlumOhLaLa
Beth Revis, @bethrevis
Carrie Ryan, @carrieryan
Victoria Schwab, @veschwab
Amy Tintera, @amytintera
Kim Welchons, @Kim_Welchons
Stephanie Winkelhake, @StephieWink
Brenna Yovanoff, @brennayovanoff

I know, CRAZY, right? The weirdest part? A few years ago some of these authors were on a very similar retreat and held a live video chat to talk about their upcoming books and I was sitting in front of my computer watching thinking how very cool is that? All of those authors hanging out together talking about writing....and now I'm on the same retreat. *faints* Just goes to show you how different your life can become in a very short period of time and how sometimes the stuff you wish for COMES TRUE.