September 16, 2013

Gated Happenings, Rebel News, and General Chit Chat

This past weekend I had my very first book signing for Gated!!! It was amazing and nerve-wracking and completely thrilling, basically everything that I'd hope it would be. I had planned to post pics here so you could see for yourself, but then I saw my good friend Christy Farley's very cool video of the day and decided that she did a much better job summing it up than I would have. She made me tear up actually! I'm including the link to her video here so you can go check it out. Hugs to her and to all of my other wonderful friends and family for attending. I would've never made it this far if not for them!

In other news, I am now (along with my very awesome agent, Lucienne Diver) YA REBEL's Tuesday vlogger!!! I couldn't be more excited about it. In the coming months Lucienne and I will be posting all kinds of videos about writing, reading, and life in general. I hope that you stop over at the YA REBEL youtube channel to check out all of our shenanigans as well as the videos from all the other very cool and funny rebels.

And coming up next....

I will be leaving tomorrow for my hometown in Pennsylvania to do the following things:

1. Visit with family

2. Take part in some school visits

3. Do a book signing this Saturday, Sept. 21, 2013 at The Doylestown Bookshop at 2pm

4. Visit Random House (I plan to record some of this experience for you guys so those who are aspiring to get published can see what this type of visit is all about--I know I was always SUPER curious about it!)

5. Do my very first author panel at Books of Wonder with Ally Carter, Elizabeth Kiem, and Kass Morgan!! SO excited for this!

SO the next week and a half will be pretty darn busy and I"ll probably not be blogging, but no worries, in the meantime, you can see me and Lucienne in our first official Rebels video starting tomorrow!

Have a great week everybody!

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