August 28, 2013

GATED News: I'm Going to New York!

This week several things are happening:

1. GATED embarks on a blog tour with Book Nerd Tours. There is a giant giveaway for this one, and I do mean giant--as in the biggest one yet. It starts here.

2. I did a Write Space post for Meagan Spooner's blog and there's a giveaway here too and this one is international--didn't I tell you there'd be one of those coming up soon?! See where I write "the words" every day and such and enter the giveaway here.

3. I am officially doing a panel at Books Of Wonder in NYC with Ally Carter (yes, THE Ally Carter--I know, I might've squealed) and Elizabeth Kiem, my fellow Random Houser whose book I am dying to read. We'll be there on September 24th at 6pm. I'd love to see you there if you're in the neighborhood. Truth: I am a bit nervous, so any friendly face will be welcome:-)

4. I'll be at Dragon Con and the Decatur Book Festival starting tomorrow. My first one! I won't be there to do any panels or such. I am going just to geek out at all the awesome. Spike from Buffy will be there! Also Malcolm McDowell and a slew of authors that I just can't wait to hear discuss zombies and other stuff. If you'll be there too, drop me a comment below. I'd love to see you there:-)

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