August 6, 2013


I can't believe it, it's finally here!!! GATED is in stores, yippee and on some beautiful displays at Barnes and Noble! Check it out:

So, today will be all about celebrating. It started out this way:

And then I get to go have a massage thanks to the hubby who is AWESOME.

And then I'm going to pop over to Barnes and Noble and revel in the fact that I actually have a book on shelves and in stores. Whoa, it's been awhile since I've stopped to just take that in. I. Have. A. Book. On. Shelves. This is my biggest dream come true and it feels completely amazing!

AND then I get to go out for a fancy schmancy dinner with the family where you can bet I'll be ordering a dessert, maybe two!

Before I run off to celebrate though, there are a few people I want to thank:

Lucienne Diver for believing in me from the very start and being the best, most supportive agent.

Suzy Capozzi for loving GATED enough to acquire it for RHC

Chelsea Eberly for being such a great editor and always helping me hone my writerly vision.

Lauren Donovan for tirelessly spreading the word about GATED

And the whole RHC GATED team: Mallory Loehr, Nicole (my amazing cover designer), Janet (the Managing Editor who kept it on schedule), Shameiza and Tim (the Production people), Erica (who did a lot of the Marketing), Alison (the Copyeditor); Kim, Becky, Richard, and Sarah (Sales). 

My Gunning for Awesome ladies and the Lucky 13s for all the support and comraderie. You all kept me sane!

*****And if you want a copy of my book baby, here's where you can order it:



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  1. Congratulations, Amy! What an incredible achievement!