December 11, 2012

Zombies, Christmas Trees, and Deadlines

As you know I've been really, really busy writing/revising of late and haven't been around these parts nearly as often as I should have been.

What I've learned?

I'm not as good at balancing things as I'd like to be, but I think maybe I'll get the hang of it over time. So, what I'd like to do now is to catch you up on what's happening here, so here we go:

1. Halloween--That's right I'm going back a few months, but only because I have to brag on my super sweet, Halloween obsessed hubby who did a fabulous job turning our yard into a zombie apocalypse. Every year he themes out the yard differently in time for the pumpkin carving party we have for our two girls and their friends. He even turns their playroom into a mini haunted house.

We had radioactive zombies
Hubby and me at my agent, Lucienne Diver's, Halloween party. Hubby was Grimes from The Walking Dead, I was Alice from Resident Evil


2. Revisions/Edits/and Release dates--Right before Halloween I completed my first edits on my book, THE SILO, and then we went and changed the title to something that better reflected what the book's about, so now it's called GATED. After that and since then, I've been neck deep in GATED'S sequel which is a beast and getting beastier all the time. Hardest book to write ever. I've heard lots of authors complain about how hard second books, ones under contract, are and they are not lying. This book has been the ultimate test in perseverence. BUT I am at the last stage of revisions and feeling much better about it now. And as you know, my book is now on Amazon for preorder and has an actual release date...August 27, 2013. Even as I type the date it feels unreal. I keep thinking all of this is happening to someone else!

3. Thanksgiving--I traveled up to Pennsylvania to be with family over the holiday. It was nice to get away to someplace cold since it's a non-season here right now. Our Thanksgiving tradition? Wake up and play parade bingo (I print out these bingo cards with parade themed stuff to find and mark off), breakfast by the TV, taking a long afternoon walk and turkey dinner time around four in the afternoon. We usually end up sprawled out on the sofa at day's end watching a Christmas movie and this year it was ELF. Favorite food item? I make a mean sweet potato casserole that is probably my favorite thing to eat all year.

My hubby and the kiddies with my parents before we seriously tucked into the food.

4. Now, Merry Christmas--Now we're deep into the season, but as per usual, we are only just now getting up decorations. I am slow and a bit curmudgeonly about doing them before it's actually December. Our tree got decorated last is always a hodge podge of sentimental decorations. The ornaments are almost all homemade. If you look close you'll see big felt ones that look like snowmen and trees and stars...these were on my Christmas tree when I was little. My mom made them.
Our tree, newly decorated.
Our Christmas countdown. The kids open the doors and I leave little prizes or scavenger hunt clues to the prizes.

And now, I'm just gonna tease you bit. I have a present for you! One that I'll talk about in my next post. Look for it by week's end. Until then, enjoy your holiday season and if you get a moment, tell me what's been happening with you too. I've missed you guys!

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