October 1, 2012

Five Strange Things You Didn't Know About Me Until Today

Okay, so I am off on a kick butt family vacation, soaking up sun and frolicking. Here:

In honor of my gulp fortieth birthday which is October 3rd. It will be my last by the way. After this I refuse to get any older...that's right, you heard me Father Time, the madness stops here. Anyway, so I will be off the grid until Friday, but in my absence I'm leaving this post.
Five Strange Things You Didn't Know About Me Until Today:
1. I had a giant (and I do mean GIANT) poster of Bo and Luke from The Dukes of Hazard above my bed when I was in second grade and I used to kiss Bo right on his paper lips regularly. It was this picture. Seventies/eighties style sexy!
2. I once got stitches in my forehead because I hit the corner of a glass end table with my face when my brother and I decided to try to see who could knock over who first...with our hands and feet bound together with socks. Yeah, we were BRILLIANT.
3. In third grade my favorite past time was popping in my parents' eight track of Barry Manilow and doing seventies style karoake to "Copacabana". I was so edgy. I can still sing that song by heart. Her name was Lola, she was a showgirl...
4. I once beat up a boy when I was in fourth grade who was trying to bully me---with my violin case.
5. One of the most embarrassing things I have ever had to do was when I was a teacher in inner city Atlanta. I used to meet with some of the teachers to work out after school and when my principal caught wind of it she made us get up and do an aerobics routine in front of ALL THE PARENTS on meet the teacher night. Picture a very white and non rhythmic me surrounded by three very overweight elderly black ladies (doing a much better job working what the good Lord gave them) in front of a room full of gangsta style parents and grandparents from a neighborhood that's one of the roughest in ALL of ATL. doing a sort of weird Richard Simmons type thing. IT WAS NOT PRETTY. There was a lot of laughing going on...and pointing....and I wasn't the one doing it.


  1. Happy birthday for the 3rd! Father Time and I have had the same discussion this year ... no more ageing:)

    Have a fantastic trip and oh, goodness me ... I used to kiss all the paper lips of my poster-boys every night when I was young ... sigh! It was all so beautifully uncomplicated then.

    Have a good one!


    1. Thanks for the well wishes! We're back and settling in again, sigh. Glad I had good company in the poster kissing department:-)

  2. Happy birthday :) Sounds like you're going to have an amazing time.

    re: #4 - I always knew you were awesome, but now I know how much. EPICALLY awesome.

    1. *blushes* I was sort of foolishly brave back then! But it worked in my favor that time:-)

  3. Omg, that teacher's conference story! *spits Coke out my nose*