August 6, 2012

Road Trip!!

So you may have noticed that I have been MIA for more than a little while from this blog and sporadic at best with the posting before then. I must apologize. I was all good intentions and dedication at the start of the summer, but then the travel bug bit me and I lost my head for a bit, took off on a very impromptu road trip and just, well, lived a little.

Here's where I went:

The Biltmore: I've been dying to go ever since I wrote my first shelved novel where it plays a part in one scene. The surrounding area figured into most of the book in a BIG way.

The hubby sifting through rocks at a gem mining place that the kids LOVED.

Grandfather Mountain in North Carolina. I made it across the swinging bridge which is a mile above sea level, but totally could not conquer my fear of heights to inch out across the outcropping of rocks beyond it. Instead I huddled in a crevice and tried not to whine!

The caverns we went to. To me this looks like another planet. Kept expecting gollum to come out...MY PRECIOUS.
Basically, I went searching for inspiration in the mountains...and found it, went to visit family and reconnect...and did it, hoped to make fabulous parent-kid memories...and succeeded, and generally decided to take advantage of the long days and the very needed influx of cash from my very first author advance (The day I got it was EPIC. There was squealing AND just a wee bit of dancing--something I NEVER do if I can help it, because I am rythmically challenged and plain old inhibited).

BUT now I'm back, recharged and fully ready to re-engage! So, after a little contemplation and a whole lot of re-organizing, I'm going to attempt to put this blog on a more concrete schedule. I say attempt because well, I am ME and generally begin with great intentions, but have moments of dramatic failure! So, here is my proposed blogging schedule barring any major complications such as sickness, acts of God, or general procrastination:

Monday: Personal post--could be embarrassing moment, a kid catastrophe or anecdote, etc. Lots of wiggle room here, so expect the unexpected!

Wednesday: A writerly post on craft. Something I've learned, struggle with, wonder about, or am working on at the moment.

Bonus Posts: Hopefully every other week or so on the days I'm not regularly posting. I might post a book review from a writerly perspective and/or recommend something for you to read that rocked my world and made me grow pen and paper-wise. These could also include alerts to other blog giveaways, my own giveaways, contests, wild card posts so to speak.

So there you have it, my very loosely structured blog schedule for the forseeable future. I must admit I'm looking forward to getting back into some sort of long as the kids stay healthy...and don't fight...and go back to school very soon!


  1. Just here to say I LOOOOOOOOOOVE the Biltmore! I walked into the library and asked the tour guide if I could move in.
    ...Sadly it never happened.
    I'm glad to see your friendly face 'round the blogosphere again Amy and I look forward to all your posts!

  2. Good for you on getting your blog schedule in place! Biltmore is such a gorgeous place. A castle really.

    1. I'm trying to be better organizationally speaking...we'll see:-) And the Biltmore is VERY castle-esque. I love the outside and the way it nestles into the countryside.

  3. We did a big road trip through the US last year, but we never made it to North Carolina. Looks like we missed out! Glad to see you back on board :)

    1. North Carolina is so pretty. I lived in Hendersonville for about a year when I was little and so that area holds a special place in my heart:-)

  4. Looks like you've been having a great summer!! Glad you're back!

    1. Thanks, I needed to get back...started having a "I have so much writing to do" heart attack there at the end.