July 12, 2012

Sometimes You Gotta Take a Break

SO I have been a bit MIA recently on this blog...it's been a bit since my last post. Summertime gets a little crazy around here and honestly there is more than a little playing going on! In the past month I've been lazing about in a lazy river at the local water park, feeding Budgies and Giraffes at the zoo, watching tons of free movies during the theatre's summer movie fest (HUGO was by far my favorite), spending whole days thrifting (found a fabulous kitchen table for $35 that I painted and LOVE), reading lots of novels and craft books, and generally taking time to enjoy my kids and hubby. And while I've experienced some guilt about less writing time and time spent keeping up with writerly current events and friends through social media and stuff, it's been good to take the break. I've had more book ideas this month than all the ones that came before it this year. I'm feeling refreshed, renewed and really creative. It seems that maybe part of this writing life hinges on taking time to reconnect with the world around me. I have still been writing just about every day, but I'm not logging the long hours that I usually do. AND weirdly, I seem to be getting the same amount of writing done. So I've decided to just breathe and go with it. Sometimes a break is all you need to get your work done. I'm enclosing a few pics to share and next week I'll write a nice long post about Ascendio 2012, the conference I'm attending tomorrow and Saturday where Libba Bray, Beth Revis, Veronica Roth, Aimee Carter, Michelle Hodkin, and Lindsay Ribbar will be speaking. SO excited to hear all of their writerly wisdom, I cannot even convey it properly here so instead I'll just gush afterwards!

Hanging with my feathered friends.

My current thrift store find: my kitchen table. Spray painted it white.


  1. What a fantastic find! And for $35??? Nice.

    Enjoy the conference! I'll look forward to your recap. :)

  2. I know, right?! Of course it didn't look like this when we bought it! But now it's my favorite find.