March 13, 2012

Second Liebster

I have gone and done it again. Out of the kindness of her heart, Sarah Barnett over at Fanatic for Fiction ( has re-awarded me the Liebster Award which now makes me a second time honoree! Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy for sure!

First, let me pass the award along again to five more folks so that you can visit their sites as well. For those who don't know, the award is basically a "favorite" blog award and is meant to help get traffic to sites that are followed by less than one hundred people. If you are nominated as an award recipient, you must:

1. Put five interesting things about yourself in a blog post

2. Pass the award along to up to five more deserving bloggers.

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5. Post the award on your blog.

Here are my award recipients:


So, I suppose maybe I should tell you five new things about me that I didn't say before. So without delay, here goes:

1. I once convinced my babysitter to rig a rope swing in my parent's A frame house (if you've never heard of this, it is shaped exactly like an A on top and ours had a balcony at the top that overlooked the entire bottom floor-which is where I told her to tie the rope up). It made an awesome swing...but it also wore grooves into the spindles of the balcony's railing. Oops! I was in second grade at the time. Our house looked a little like this one:

2. As a kid, I played Star Wars with the neighborhood kids just about everyday. I was Princess Leia because I had the longest hair at the time and we used to dunk my head in the baby pool and try to wrap it into those crazy buns she wore, but it never worked the way we hoped.

3. When I was thirteen I once took my mother's car when she was in church choir practice and drove it around the parking lot to impress some boys. I ran into another car while trying to back out of a parking space and left a big dent in the side of her door. I'm not proud of it now, but I parked the car on the far side of the lot where it had been originally then put my mom's keys back and didn't say anything about the accident since there wasn't any damage to my mom's car-just the tiniest bit of white paint from the other person's car. The very next week some Nancy Drew-esque church members did a little investigating in the parking lot and outed me to my parents.

4. I am obsessed with Nutella and eat it every morning on a bagel thin with sliced banana, YUM!

5. My favorite band growing up was A-HA. I was obsessed with the lead singer--as in I papered my walls with pictures of him and read every Teen Beat magazine article about him. Their concert was my first one ever--I was twelve or thirteen. I went with my best friend and we wore matching Coca Cola shirts(you had to grow up in the eighties and maybe also live in the Philly area to get the cool factor of these shirts). We were SO COOL! Um, not really.


  1. Well done on your second Liebster! That's amazing ... :)

    I giggled when I read your car incident. Kids 'ey!:)

  2. Thanks for the well wishes...and the care incident is kinda! Back then I was in trouble for a loooooong time. Here's hoping there's not some sort of crazy karma with this kind of stuff or my daughter's are gonna give me a run for my money.