March 26, 2012

Lucky Seven Meme and Sunshine Award

Gosh I'm starting to feel so loved! I just got a new award from my lovely friend Ruth who says the funniest things and has given me my new favorite word:

Cowbag: (def) a sorry, self-pitying person--which I am whenever I'm on deadline or sleep deprived.

Anyway, she has awarded me the Lucky 7 Meme and Sunshine Award. Here's what I have to do:

1. Go to the 77th page, 7th line of my WIP and copy down the next 7 lines, no cheating! --Weeelll, since I am on a very new WIP, I will cheat a wee bit and go to my 7th page, 7th line. So here goes:

I shut the door behind him once he’s out in the hall and then make sure to lock it. I’m much less nervous now—which is what Cody intended, I’m sure.
I pull off the uncomfortably tight sweater Taylor insisted I wear and slip Cody’s shirt over my head. A mixture of pine scented deodorant and the glue he uses when he works on his movie special effects stuff surrounds me. I breathe it in and my body starts to relax. Now that I don’t have a real home anynmore, this scent is the closest thing I have to one. I move in front of the mirror. The shirt skims my body...

***keep in mind that this is rough stuff, people and I'm being brave just by putting it out there!

2. I must fill in the following blanks:

     Favorite Color: that really great sapphire blue that the ocean is when you're in the deeper waters in the carribbean. I stare at it until my eyes hurt when I'm there.
     Favorite Animal: Dolphin-no, I am not very original here. I lurv these guys and could hang out and watch 'em all day long.
     Favorite Number: 2--but only because it is the number of manuscripts I completed before getting and agent and the number of kids that I happen to have.
     Non-alcoholic Drink: Coke Zero or a Venti Black Tea/Lemonade from Starbuck''s a coin toss.
     Facebook or Twitter: Twitter, Facebook is my nemisis although I do use it, I just hate that I need to.
     Passion: Life. I'd say writing, but first and foremost, it's living this life to the absolute fullest and doing whatever it is that fulfills me as much as possible--this is where the writing comes in.
     Getting or Giving Presents: Giving, hands down. My favorite to date: a stocking full of snowballs (and one twinkie) to my Zombieland loving husband.
     Favorite Pattern: The one where I write well and regularly? Oh, you mean pattern, pattern...maybe polka dots.
    Day of the Week: Currently, Monday, because I have a week's worth of time to write ahead of me.
    Favorite Flower: Um, really bad at remembering which flower is which and considering my penchant for killing all flowery things in my own garden--I'm afraid to single any out for fear of them all running away in fear. Maybe tulips or Fields full of lavendar.

Now I must tag 7 more authors. Here are my picks:

Check their sites out if you get the chance!


  1. You know, the good thing about Cowbag is that you can use it in many ways. It's a multi-functional insult.

    A great shame it's not used more, I say :D

  2. I completely agree!!! Going out to experiment with it now:D

  3. Great WIP! And I'm right there with you on the Monday thing. :) Thanks for tagging me!

  4. You're welcome! Every time I visit your site, I NEED a cookie, and I'm not even a big cookie kind of girl usually!

  5. Learned so much about you--and your writing--from this post--awesome!
    And, thanks so much for the award. :) I'm taking a blogging hiatus right now to write, but will be back shortly! I'm afraid to see what is on page 77 of my book... :)

  6. Thanks for the nomination, Amy. My post is here:)

  7. OOOH CODY. I like him. Can't wait to read it!

  8. Good, 'cause you will...several times at least I'm sure!!