March 20, 2012

Libba Bray Has The Good Juju

*****Can't you practically see the juju emanating from her?******

I have to say it. Libba Bray has the Juju. She does, she really, really does! Know how I know? Last summer while she was in Miami on her This Is Teen tour with Maggie Steifvater and Meg Cabot I asked her to send her good juju my way. She'd told the crowd that she got published when she was thirty nine and considering that I myself was just a little shy of that marker, I figured I'd ask her to sprinkle whatever luck dust she might still have from her own experience on me. She seemed game--graciously so--which maybe had a lot to do with just wanting me out of line and out of her hair (who wants to chit chat with a crazy chick begging for your juju after all?) and even asked me about my book. When I told her it was about a girl, the apocalyptic cult she grew up in, and the possible end of the world, she made a surprised "Oh!" face--the equivalent of, "Gee that sounds better than what I was expecting to hear considering the odd juju request..."  So here is how she signed my book....

 I walked away smiling. For one, because I got to tell a published author what my book was about...and two because crazy or not, putting my wish out there felt good. Maybe thirty nine could be my lucky year too.

And low and behold...IT IS!!

If you have no idea what the heck I'm talking about, check out yesterday's blog post. I am on the cusp of being published myself (technically my book will come out when I' my forties, but we'll pretend that I'll be thirty nine since I intend to stop the aging RIGHT THERE). Now, Libba probably doesn't even remember me considering the large crowd that night, but if she is somewhere out there in the blogosphere at this moment and finds her way here, I just wanted to say thanks, Libba! You should totally pimp out your juju for a little cash on the side...the boy might need a new pair of shoes or somethin'!

****Obviously said juju only works if you have put in an inordinate amount of time revising, writing, angsting, pulling your hair out, rewriting, etc. first. Libba is pretty powerful, but ain't no substitute for hard work, honey.

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