March 9, 2012

Dinner Out

I am going to go all personal today since I can not speak of writerly things at the moment for fear of spilling beans I just ain't meant to spill instead I'll talk about ...last night. Last night I met my cousins (who are down here to watch baseball's spring training) for dinner. We sat out on the deck of what is arguably my new favorite restaurant, The Columbia, and looked at the ocean as the sun set along it's edge. And then, once the sky had gone mostly blue-black, the most gorgeous moon peeked out over the tops of the clouds, gilding them with this incredible silver gray light. The night was just about perfect as nights go. We laughed, remembered a dozen embarrassing things that happened when we were kids and just reconnected after a lot of years where we haven't seen each other very much. It was a night that writers like myself love because it was filled with moments of beauty, talk that inspired my imagination and people that mean something to me. And I came home wanting to write, my head full of new directions for my WIP. Sometimes all it takes to get going again is some time away.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful evening! I love reminiscing with family and friends!

    On a side note, I've awarded you with a Liebster blog award! I see you already have one, but a second one doesn't hurt, right? x

  2. Thanks for the award! No, it definitely can't hurt! I'll gladly take any new readers it sends my way:-)