December 5, 2011

Ideas Are Everywhere

Some people wonder where writers get their ideas. I can tell you that they come in a thousand tiny moments throughout any given day. Writers who are parents happen to be exceptionally blessed. I promise you at least half of my funniest scenes or most heartbreaking moments grow from little moments like these:

My nine year old daughter, Sam, said the funniest thing today.
First, she showed me this little guy:

Then she said: “We’re having a staring contest.”
 She waited a beat with that perfect comic’s timing of hers and then heaved out a sigh.
“He always wins.”

My five year old, Riley, not to be outdone, made me laugh in the car a little later on. We were stuck in traffic—on a bridge no less. She leaned forward and let me know that she had to potty…number two to be exact—trust me you need to know this to fully enjoy what comes next. I let her know that we were far from any exit and that she had to wait or go on the side of the bridge with a full audience. She proceeded to play and squirm and then she tapped my seat again. “Mommy, I have to go…now. It’s this bad.” She cupped her hands around her eyes to mimic giant google eyes, like these:

I could barely steer the car into the closest store. She ran in barefoot, hair flying, and butt cheeks pressed tight together.

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