November 2, 2011

Sorry I've Strayed...

Poor, poor blog. I've neglected you for months now. Have you missed me? I have been giving all of my love and attention to my manuscript, I admit it. In my defense, this manuscript is rather sexy, all gussied up with my best plot work to date, but that's no reason for me to leave you hanging like this, blog. Sorry. Forgive me?

I have learned something valuable as a fledgling novelist recently. I've learned that balancing my online presence, life, family, friends and writing is tricky. Sometimes I have tunnel vision with my WIP and I can't see anything else. I don't call friends, I don't email, or facebook, or tweet or blog. I forget people's birthdays, forget laundry, regular meal times...and yes, sometimes even basic hygiene--keep this one to yourself;)

But total isolation can drive you crazy...Stephen King's Shining taught me that a long time ago-I'd just sort of forgotten. I need to remember that all my best writing ideas come from my interactions with the wider world.

In other words, blog, I have to remember that without regular showers, even the best of us start to stink:)

Soo, in honor of my newfound quest for balance, I hearby vow to blog at least twice weekly....that goes for showers too.

****My showering (or lack thereof) has been highly exaggerated in this blog-a writerly thang, just so you know.

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