August 28, 2011

Writing Full Time: Week One

Okay, so my youngest started kindergarten last week. Which means I now have about six hours of time in the day to myself. SIX HOURS!!! It's like winning the time lottery. I had to literally cover my mouth as I left the school last Monday to keep my maniacal giggles under wraps. I've been waiting for this week for the past two years-ever since I started seriously writing. I've been plotting and planning each of these daily hours for so long that now that they are actually here in front of me, I'm practically drunk on all the possiblilities. My goal is to write at least two books this year and to learn as much as I can about the writing process. I want to make giant strides, perfect my craft. GET PUBLISHED. There is so much that I want to accomplish. Part of me is exhilarated...but part of me is scared to death. After all, my hubbie is making sacrifices so that I can do this-he's working lots of hours-two jobs, in fact, while I work one-that doesn't even pay. And I want to make his sacrifice worthwhile. I want to manage to get paid enough so that he can focus on only one job and let the other one go. I want him to be able to have the time to pursue his small business dream while I help support us too. But writing novels is shaky business...there are no guarrantees and it terrifies me. So this year is my equivalent of jumping off a cliff and trying to land in a very small, very shallow wading pool already crowded with other authors. I'm doing everything I can to land well, including praying. My eyes are glued to that little circle of water, my arms outstretched, my heart and mind-open. Wish me luck:)


  1. I want to wish you luck but my insanely green jealous-monster with the big slimy head won't let me. (My day job is sucking the life out of me). Actually, I'm finding your enthusiasm contagious and can't wait to get back to my WIP ASAP :)
    *Note: you have two jobs, too (the little persons) and neither of them pays!

  2. I think I have one of those slimy-headed monsters myself. Mine shows up whenever I read something awesome I'm sure I can't possibly ever hope to write myself. Glad you're plugging along on your novel. Can't wait to see how it ends...and thanks, small people are a job aren't they? Always nice when someone else gets it and I know you definitely do:)