August 5, 2011

Key Largo, Montego...and Shark Attacks

It's official. Summer time has taken over here as evidenced by my total lack of blog posts lately. I am knee deep in water and children and way more than shoulder high in sunshine. What I'm not immersed in at the moment is my writing. I'm trying not to freak out...although every other minute my body shudders with the aftershocks of my decision to slack.

The thing is, this is the last summer before both kids are in school. The last few weeks I'll have a "baby" in the house before we all go our seperate ways for six-eight hours a day. I'm feeling the need to savor it, to drink in the small stuff and pack as many cool experiences in as I can so that the summer will be as memorable for my children as it is for me. So when we went down to Miami recently, I spent one night checking out the This Is Teen Event and the rest of the time gallavanting with the family. We took an airboat ride, held a rooster, ate at the pinkest restaurant ever, and took a spontaneous trip to Key Largo...where my children got to see a fight first hand when two guys near our dinner table swapped testosterone-laden insults and one threw a chair over to go after the other guy. Who needs action movies when you have drunk idiots with thong wearing girlfriends?  Unforgettable summer memories? Check and check.

And just today I spent the better part of the morning watching Soul Surfer with both girls. Now as I write this they are playing with surfboards that they made out of styrofoam in the bathroom sink. Their Littlest Pet Shop figurines are undergoing multiple shark attacks and my oldest is using tabasco in the water to simulate the blood. As gross as this may sound, they are having the time of their lives. So the summer memories may be a little weird and slightly twisted? Aren't all family memories at least a little bit that way? What I know with a hundred percent certainty is that we used this summer to go out and live a little. We saw things we wanted to...and things we didn't, but both have changed our perspectives just a little and now I have a richer well, a deeper source for my stories. So even though I haven't written every day, my writing will ultimately be better once I pick the pen up again in the coming weeks. Part of being a writer is soaking up the world around us and that's what I've been doing. And I wouldn't change a thing.

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