July 6, 2011

Stuck in the sticky middle of the story. Aaargh!

I am soooo stuck right now. I know what direction my story is going, but can't seem to get what's in my head on paper. And every minute that ticks by makes me crazier.

I went to Barnes and Noble last night to try and escape the three stooges-style fighting going on between my two little people. Okay, they weren't poking each other in the eyes, but the intent was there...and guess what? I ended up at a table way too close to another tiny person being quizzed by her very loud mother on what a cow says. Which I think isn't much more than moo, but it kept them occuppied for quite some time.

I couldn't concentrate and my pen didn't move much. I ended up in the YA section swaying slightly and muttering to myself. Which I'm sure did wonders for my already non-existent street cred with the eighteen and under set.

Now here I am again with my own personal deadline looming on the horizon and a growing stack of backlogged chapters...and I'm blogging instead of writing. Butt's in chair, but chair has taken a serious detour.

I'm hoping this is that weird period where my ideas need to cook crock pot-style, but still I worry, like every other time that this happens, that I've finally hit my dry spell, the last drop in my creative well. Sounds crazy, but I can't keep from having a mini break down. So what to do? One of two things: eat chocolate and wallow or eat chocolate and write anyway. How bad is it? Let's take a look at the chocolate scale and see.

Chocolate Scale:

A handful of M&M's =  mild, once I sit somewhere quiet the words will come.

1 s'more made white trash-style (style seems to be a word I'm in love with tonight) in the microwave = I'll struggle for a few days, but by the end of the week I'll be back on track.

1-2 (yes, I said 2--it doesn't happen often, so calm down, people) melted Hershey bars-with sliced banana, marshmallows and strawberries sprinkled with powdered sugar = possible derailment, definite 5 pound weight gain and complete mini-breakdown where I ask everyone I'm close to if they think I'll make it someday-sob!

Right now I think I'm headed for s'moresville, but only because I don't have any Hershey bars. My s'more will have to be comprised of chocolate chips tonight-desperate, right? I'll try writing through the pain. I'm crossing my fingers, hoping the writing might morph from bad to good sometime during this excercise...okay, I'm not crossing my fingers at this exact moment 'cause then I'd be elbow typing and that would just take forever, but definitely after this. We'll see what happens. Putting Hershey bars on the grocery list just in case, though.


  1. I know some calorie free ways to kick start a comatose novel. I have never tried these on purpose--I tend to wallow and binge--but have discovered them by accident.
    1. take a nap
    2. take a long drive or shower(by yourself!)
    3. walk or run or swim (or other mindless exercise of your choice)

    It is usually during one of these activities that I get those flashes of inspiration and then know what comes next. I think it's mostly the brain getting some alone-and-quiet time to do its work.

  2. Running would definitely be better for my butt;)

  3. How were the s'mores? And more importantly - it's the end of the week...back on track again?

  4. Ended up just eating chocolate. My graham crackers were stale. I really need to grocery shop! The writing is going. It's still slow going at the moment, but I'm managing to make forward progress.