June 25, 2011

Small Victories

I was on Janet Reid's website today and noticed that I actually made it into the fifteen finalists for a little contest she had on her site. For those of you who don't frequent her site (she's the agent responsible for Query Shark). Once in awhile she runs a contest where she throws out a few words you must use in a flash, flash fiction piece (100 words or fewer) for various prizes. I've only entered twice, this was the second time and was amazed to see my little 'ole name right there in her blog post today. Now you may be wondering what the big deal is since I didn't exactly win. All I can say is sometimes little victories-like actually placing on the top end of some 82 entries-are all a struggling writer like me needs to keep on truckin'. After all, writing can be lonely, frustrating, doubt-inspiring, and insecurity-laden. Any recognition of my skills-big or small give me a little boost and keep my butt in that chair that much longer. I may not be agented or published yet, but I'm on my way.


  1. Looked up your entry and really liked it, want to hear more. Especially loved the "dope smoking, been here slept w/that nut job of a mother". Congrats.

  2. Congratulations! That's great! (-j)