June 14, 2011

Sleep is for Wussies

Sometimes I wish I were a coffee drinker. But unfortunately, I hate all hot liquids-unless I have a cold or it's like 30 below zero outside. So instead of coffee, I am guzzling the Coke Zeros and iced teas and trying to maintain my summer schedule. But so far, it isn't helping.

My kids are home all day everyday now and since we have a limited budget-see my previous post on my plan to write full time from now on and my total lack of income for almost a decade (stay at home mom pay is nil)  and you know how tight that budget is. Camps are out of the question. So it's me and the small people all day and all of my writing is done in the wee hours of the morning-wait, I mean night-or maybe technically it is morning...see what I mean about being tired?  I am dragging booty and since mine is seriously large after years of not working out and the whole butt in chair thing--I am tired, like fall over on my feet tired, which puts me at serious risk-the small people might have the opportunity to tie me up Gulliver-style and raid the pantry for all things sugary. Not a good thing considering the baseline energy level of my brood without the sweet stuff.

And it won't get better for months. Twelve weeks to be exact, but who's counting? And I really, really love my new story-like can't wait to finish it because I want to see how it ends up. So I have put myself on a schedule, darn it and I feel like I might literally explode cartoon character style if I don't meet the deadline I've set. I mean what if someone else is writing something scarily similar right now and beats me to the query stage? What if by the time I finally finish the rough and revise, the idea has lost it's moment of possible trendiness? On some level I know that these are sort of irrational fears, but still I can't stop feeling like every minute I'm not writing is paramount to slacking.

So, coffee...and maybe a few Red Bulls... hopefully both will be looking good in a few more days, 'cause otherwise I just might be sunk.

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