May 11, 2011

How Badly Do I Want to Write Full Time?

Let me just say that come this fall I thought I would be back in the classroom. I have been a stay at home mom for almost a decade, but before that I was a fifth grade teacher. I always assumed I'd go back, never really questioned it...that is until about three years ago when I realized that I had been working with children for more than half my life already and I was just done-I'd given all I could give in the daily care and feeding of small people department and I really couldn't imagine doing it anymore--with the exception of taking care of my own children, which I am absolutely up for still:)  Basically, I just woke up and realized that I wanted to write, that I needed to write and that most of what drew me to teaching dealt with words and writing somehow. But we all know how difficult it is to make writing your full time occupation-we can love it, but unless you're publishing pretty regularly and successfully, it doesn't pay the bills. So it becomes a hobby for most of us, a side line thing to do after the full time job that does pay the bills.

My fear though, is that if this becomes a part-time thing that I do after my full time job and after I spend time with my family, will I ever get it off the ground the way I need to to see my story in print? So hubby and I are trying something radical-at least for a couple of planners like us. We are giving me another year-the third in my quest for publication-to try and write something excellent enough to nab me an agent. I will write full time for the first time and see what happens. The only snafu in this plan is that we could really use some extra income.  So, in order to best facilitate my plan, I will be helping my hubby with his second job, the one he hopes to make full time so he can slow down and enjoy life-for one, because he needs to build it up and for two because doing it will net me more income than waitressing or any of the other part time jobs I was considering.

So what type of family business does my hubby have you may ask? I can tell you it involves a uniform, a truck full of chemicals and a very weapony looking backpack. In short, I will be a bug lady. No, I won't be studying them, I will be exterminating them.  Which is funny really since I have an almost pathological fear of all things jumpy, leggy, or stingy. So next year a few days a week, I will strap on a pack full of pesticides and shoot to kill...and then try not to squeal or run or make my really ugly ewwww! face...because somehow I think that might not look too professional.  So now I think this blog might just be about my adventures in bugs and words. That's how badly I want to make this writing thing work!

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