April 25, 2011

Finding Time to Write

 I thought I might write about finding time to write today since I always hear lots of writers lament about not having any time to write. I find that this is a pretty easy subject to tackle. If you are passionate enough about writing you will create spaces in your schedule where you can put pen to paper. If you aren't serious enough, it'll never happen.

 Everyone thinks that their schedule is too full. It just comes down to how badly you want it. I have found that I have to write, just like some people have to run or paint or play music. I am a happier person when I make the time-so I do. I will postpone cleaning the house, making a meal, doing laundry-most anything that isn't urgent and doesn't affect my family in a bad way to write. And they are glad that I do because it makes me easier to live with.

There are always things that you can weed out of your schedule. Television is probably the easiest--it is like a black hole that literally pulls all of your time and energy away. Record the shows you absolutely can't miss and give up the rest. You won't even miss them, trust me. The great thing about writing is that you are in absolute control of when you do it and how often. There is no magical time frame, no set amount that needs to get accomplished.

Be passionate about writing and you won't have this issue at all. If you're passionate you'll have more of a problem finding time for everything else.

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